David Clark Aviation Headset Review (Read Before You Buy)

Are you considering the purchase of a David Clark Aviation Headset? Then it pays to know everything possible about the David Clark brand and their products. When it comes to selecting the best aviation headset, it is important to know whether or not the product you purchase is going to be able to handle the stresses of the job, as well as providing optimum comfort and superior performance.

The History of David Clark

The David Clark Company first began paving the way for aerospace development in 1941, when they began developing protective equipment for aerospace crews. In fact, their company have been a direct supporter of nearly every manned space and high altitude program to date.

With nearly a century of experience, they have built intimate relationships with vehicle providers, air and space crews, and support personnel in order to gain an in depth understanding of the advanced technical requirements that are needed for the development, design, quality assurance, manufacturing, and support of air and space crew protective equipment that is technologically advanced and reliable.

The Capabilities of the David Clark Company

The David Clark Company has gained decades of experience by meeting the rigorous demands of entities such as NASA, OSHA, USAF, DOD, EC (CE), FAA, RTCA and the FDA. Meeting these standards has led to the development of the highest quality, state-of-the-art quality assurance testing facilities available.

In addition to their rigorous testing requirements, the David Clark Company has also incorporated the latest, state-of-the-art computer technology in their stamping and machining operations. This allows them to utilize the best manufacturing equipment available and guarantee exact tolerances.

In providing such a wide range of materials and equipment (plastics, connectors, switches, earcups, helmet visors and much more), the company has developed an unsurpassed level of expertise in providing the highest quality, high tech equipment available. In addition, they have also pioneered state-of-the-art design, development and engineering of electronics and electroacoustics.

David Clark Company – History of Excellence

From their beginnings as a small textile business in 1935, the David Clark Company has focused on the development of specialized products that protect and save across a wide variety of industries. Their dedication to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in design, quality and performance has led them to become an industry leader in practically every niche market that they serve.

“Each of the various products described on our website was developed in response to a customer’s expressed need. Consequently, we understand the real value of listening to our customers and providing them uncompromising customer service, forever.”

Company President Richard M. Urella

The David Clark Company introduced the first aviation headset in 1975 designed to protect a pilot’s hearing while providing crisp and clear communications reception and transmission in a noisy aircraft at normal voice levels. In the years since, the trademark, ‘green domes’ have set the standard for aviation headset design and creation. With their focus on providing the utmost comfort, performance and quality, the David Clark Company has paved the way for every manufacturer after them.

Today, the David Clark Company offers an impressive line of ENC (Electronic Noise Cancelling) aviation headsets and passive noise attenuating headsets, which are top of the line for both rotary and fixed wing aircraft. They are also the #1 chosen brand of aviation headsets by commercial and general aviation pilots.

David Clark offers an impressive line of standard aviation headsets, which provides a wide range of cutting edge features. This allows each pilot, whether commercial or recreational, to find the perfect fit for them. By highlighting some of the most valuable features offered by David Clark standard aviation headsets, you can determine what headset best fits your needs.

With a Certified Noise Reduction Rating of -23dB and reduced headband force, the standard headsets offer comfort and protection in high noise environments. David Clark standard aviation headsets are extremely lightweight and offer a patented headpad suspension system that is as soft as a pillow. To further add comfort, they also feature gel contoured ear seals. Other optional features include, low-profile volume control, detent settings, advanced noise-cancelling microphones, flex boom, amplified dynamic microphones, hinge wired boom with dynamic microphone, dual volume controls, headset pressure adjustment, dome jack for various cord assemblies, listen only headsets, and much more.

With every bit of the materials created using Advanced Composite Materials, they ensure that there is no overhead cord exposed and their molded cords are made to the highest pull and flex standards. David Clark also offers a 5-year guarantee on all of their standard aviation headsets and ensures that they meet and exceed the rigorous standards set by RTCA/DO-214.

Specially made for high noise environments, David Clark offers a line of electronic noise canceling aviation headsets. These headsets are the number one choice for professional pilots. With a wide array of features and design options, not to mention top of the line plastics and materials, these ENC aviation headsets are the best in the industry.

In order to optimize the comfort options available, David Clark ENC aviation headsets feature a super soft head pad, undercut ear seals, and comfort gel. In addition, they also feature such options as a patent flex/wire boom, optional panel mount, coiled cord assembly, a 5 ft. extended coil cord, a pilot selectable auto shut off feature and a battery power module that takes one 9V battery and lasts for up to 25 hours.

Depending on which model you choose, you may also find such features as reduced headband pressure and stereo compatible versions for use with cabin entertainment systems and stereo intercoms. Dual volume controls that allow you to choose the volume control for each ear separately are an additional feature found on many ENC aviation headsets.

With ratings such as NRR – 27 dB passive noise reduction rating, and the option of 17 dB to 22 dB, whenever the ENC options are turned on, these headsets offer the best hearing protecting for pilots while still providing the utmost in performance.

While they offer an undisputed line of the highest quality aviation headsets, David Clark also offers many more options for those who need a little ‘something more.’ In addition to their full lines of standard and ENC aviation headsets, they also offer the option to purchase a wide range of separate accessories for added comfort, control and performance.

From headpads, ear seals and plug adapters to separate modules, carrying cases and power adapters, David Clark offers everything you need to ensure that you have the best aviation headset available and that it performs better than any other.


As a pilot, only you can determine what your exact needs are when it comes to buying an aviation headset. However, you can guarantee that you place your trust in a company that has been meeting and exceeding industry standards for nearly a decade. When you choose to trust a company that has proven their dedication to excellence in materials, design and performance, then you can trust that you won’t be disappointed with their products.

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