Sennheiser Aviation Headsets (Complete Review)

The Sennheiser Electronic Corporation is an audio company that’s based in Germany and serves dozens of countries around the world. Its United States headquarters is in Old Lyme, Connecticut. It produces high fidelity headsets that are ideal for consumers, music professionals, and businesses alike. If you want to look for assurance to trust this company, consider that it been lauded as a pioneer in audio technology, and it conuts among its awards a Grammy, an Emmy, and the Scientific and Engineering Award of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Now that’s high praise!

Sennheiser Aviation Headsets

The Sennheiser aviation headsets were designed to look, feel, and sound sublime. They deliver in spades. You see, while the Sennheiser aviation headsets may look a bit bulky when they are sitting by the stereo, they feel light and allow for easy movement when they are on your head. The headsets are top of the line and optimally functional for ease of use and superior delivery of crisp, clear stereo sound.

Adjustable and Flexible

An awesome thing about Sennheiser aviation headsets is that they are extremely flexible. You can rotate the ear cup of each headset at the joint, so that you can focus on listening in just one ear rather easily, or you may also share your tunes with a group without a hassle. That can also make it easy to share listening pleasures of your favorite music with a significant other when traveling on a plane, train, subway, or other form of transportation.

The aviation headsets are also flexible in other ways. You can adjust them so that they rest perfectly comfortable on your head, so that it is one-size-fits-all regarding head size and ear comfort. Once you adjust the headsets, they stay that way until you are ready to change them, so you don’t have to worry about readjusting them every time you put them on. So, if you are the sole user of your headphones, you can delight in feeling like they were custom-made just for you on a daily basis.

Creature Comforts

One of the things that makes the difference between a good pair of headphones and a great pair? Comfort! The Sennheiser aviation headsets are comfortable to wear. The padded ear cup rests comfortably over your ears, and they are light enough to where you don’t even think about them being over your head after a minute or so. You can enjoy stereo sound delivered right to your ear without the hassle and discomfort of most stereo headsets.

Easy to Control

Another awesome aspect of the Sennheiser aviation headsets? They are easy to control. You can optimize noise cancelation with the push of a button. That can result in an enjoyable time listening to music without a lot of fuss. For example, if you are on a long flight or sitting in the middle of a loud subway station, you don’t have to spend a long time worrying about adjusting your headphones to avoid the rush of the crowd. If you need to adjust anything along the journey, that’s easy, too.

Bluetooth Connectivity

When you are seeking the ideal headphones these days, they need to work with your cell phone and be interchangeable with other products and apps when possible. The Sennheiser headsets offer dual-channel Bluetooth connectivity that is easy to use for even those among us who are not exactly tech-savvy. What’s even better is that the stellar stereo sound comes through loud and clear. All you have to do is just push a button on your cell phone, and you can listen to music without fuss. So, if you are looking for a way to easily access your entire iTunes collection that you have on your phone or tablet, the Bluetooth connectivity empowers you to do just that.

The Mic Matters

Another thing that is often overlooked but nevertheless extremely important to some users is the microphone. The Sennhesier aviation headsets have excellent microphones. You can speak into the phone in your normal “inside” voice and have the sound captured loud and clear, whether you are using the headset to speak on the phone to a friend or for a conference call for business. Also, if you are on the go a lot and want to simply record notes for yourself using the microphone on the headset, that works, too. You can use an app to record and the microphone will deliver top quality sound so you don’t have to strain to figure out what you were trying to say later on.

Premium Choice Define

The Sennheiser S1 premium, full-featured headsets are ideal for those who want a luxury equivalent of the average headset. It strongly blows the competition, such as premium headsets Lightspeed’s Zulu.2 and Bose’s A20, out of the water. It regular rates higher than the competition on comfort, sound quality, and ease of use.

A Company to Trust

When considering whether Sennheiser headsets will be high quality and deliver reliable results that you want when investing in headphones, look at the excellent track record of the company itself. Sennheiser was established in Germany in 1945 and has been among the world leaders in microphone and headphone technology for many decades. It invested a lot into the development of active noise-cancellation aviation headsets, and there are a wide variety of headsets that you can peruse to find the right fit for your needs, whether you want to wear headphones on a plane, while you walk around the neighborhood, or sitting in your living room enjoying your stereo system.

In Closing

Ultimately, the choice you make for enjoying your music on a daily basis is a very personal decision. Sennheiser aviation headsets are quiet and extremely comfortable. They are fun to wear and use, too, because they don’t weigh you down with confusing, unnecessary buttons. They were designed to be a joy to use, so you can easily control what you want to adjust and get the music playing as quickly as possible once the headphones are over your ears.

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