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"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."


– Coretta Scott King

Hi, I am Precious Elisha, the Web3 community calls me Focused Pilot.


I help grow and manage communities - Web3 communities mostly.

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Work experience

DIVA Protocol

DIVA Protocol is a universal and highly flexible smart contract-based operating system for creating and settling derivative products peer-to-peer.

Community Manager at DIVA Protocol

IntoTheVerse is a pixel replication of the real world that we live in. People live in a crypto-native city in a social metaverse. The city has houses, banks, museums, shops, farms, recreational avenues, etc.

Community Manager at IntoTheVerse

Africa Ambassador to Flywallet

Flywallet is a Web3 travel service that makes saving for travel fun and effortless. Book more flights, take control of your finances, and start living life by your rules.

HaloFi is a DeFi platform that helps users grow wealth with crypto while making saving and investing easy, fun, and rewarding.


User Experience Lead at HaloFi


Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallets labels. Crypto investors use Nansen to discover opportunities, perform due diligence and defend their portfolios with real-time dashboards and alerts.

Discord Community Moderator Volunteer

Africa Blockchain University is a Non-Profit Institution dedicated to promoting Blockchain technologies in Africa via Policy Advocacy, Training, Research and Business Incubation.

Africa Blockchain University

NFT Project Manager & Social Media Manager at Africa Blockchain University


Crypto Bootcamp Community is Africa's premier blockchain community dedicated to driving blockchain mainstream.

Event Organizer & Co-host

About Me

Hello, I'm Precious Elisha, a resident of Ghana and an individual deeply driven by curiosity, innovation, and a penchant for problem-solving. From an early age, my fascination with exploration was ignited as I journeyed through different regions of my homeland, a path that eventually led me to the dynamic realms of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

BTC Pizza Day

More About Me

Discovering the transformative potential of blockchain in 2019 was a pivotal moment that sparked my passion for the decentralized future. As I navigated the waves of the market, I seized opportunities during the bull run and accumulated a valuable portfolio of cryptocurrencies. This journey cemented my dedication to the evolving landscape of blockchain and kindled an insatiable desire to contribute actively to its growth.

At the heart of my journey lies an unquenchable enthusiasm for community building within the web3 ecosystem. This ardor culminated in the prestigious CELO Community Builder Award bestowed upon me in July 2022, a testament to my commitment to fostering connections and cultivating thriving digital communities. This accolade also brought with it a network of followers and friends that I cherish deeply, drawn from diverse communities around the world.

Having embarked on more than four pioneering projects, collaborating with intellectual minds from global hubs like France, Switzerland, London, the USA, India, and beyond has been a profound joy. This journey has emphasized my belief in the power of cross-border collaboration to shape innovation.

Although my academic journey began with biochemistry at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, my true passion and curiosity found their home in the world of crypto and decentralized technologies. Guiding both offline and online communities on their crypto journey, I introduced numerous individuals to the world of cryptocurrency during the COVID lockdown, empowering them with knowledge on exchanges and even assisting in their first cryptocurrency acquisitions.

From sensitizing hundreds about crypto events to orchestrating captivating Web3 X spaces, I've thrived in engaging, educating, and creating meaningful dialogues around crypto, NFTs, gaming, and more. My dedication also extended to coaching artists across Africa, helping them navigate the complexities of the evolving NFT landscape.

In 2017, my journey into community building began, starting with my personal brand, Airy TV. Despite amassing over 3000 contacts in my network and sustaining daily conversations, external factors necessitated a pause. However, my drive to bridge the gap between projects and their communities only grew stronger.

In the early months of 2022, I played a pivotal role in raising awareness among a substantial audience about a noteworthy crypto awareness event. This event was orchestrated by my university's crypto club, known as BLOCKCHAIN UNN, and it garnered participation from over 1000 attendees.

In the middle of the same year, my involvement took a leadership turn as I spearheaded the coordination and guidance of a dedicated team consisting of more than 20 individuals. Together, we journeyed a cumulative 24 hours to and fro to attend the event organized by BCAT. Notably sponsored by Binance, this event drew the participation of an impressive gathering exceeding 5000 attendees.

As a vibrant and known member of the CELO ecosystem, I've played an instrumental role in supporting multiple CELO projects, passionately sharing their ideas with potential users to catalyze their growth. My move to Ghana in April 2023 was more than a geographical shift; it was a commitment to immerse myself in new cultures, make meaningful impacts, and collaborate with extraordinary minds.

The unforgettable co-hosting of the Bitcoin Pizza Day event in Ghana on May 22nd, 2023 further solidified my belief in the power of community connections. This event was a testament to the magic that unfolds when passionate minds unite to share experiences, ideas, and laughter. We spent an hour into the night because we didn't want to end the event, it was quite amazing!


My journey isn't limited to the digital realm. I've maintained a commitment to personal wellness, with an enduring gym routine. After relocating, my dedication took on new heights, resulting in three consecutive months of daily workouts, bringing about significant transformation and newfound vigor.

Beyond my crypto pursuits, I find solace in the love of steaks, fruit smoothies, and the thrill of travel. As I continue to explore, I'm fueled by the aspiration to experience new places and ultimately make my dream of relocating to Canada a reality.

One grand bonus on what you should know about me; I aspire to be a professional Pilot in the future, and that is one of my grand dreams, hence the name Focused Pilot... Now you know!


Welcome to my world, where passion meets innovation, and the journey is a constant evolution.

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CELO Community Builder's Award

In July 2022, I had the distinct honor of being awarded the esteemed CELO Community Builder Award in Paris, a recognition that holds immense significance in my journey as a passionate advocate for blockchain and cryptocurrency communities.

This prestigious award is a testament to the collaborative spirit and unwavering dedication of the CELO community members. Their trust and support led to a community-wide vote, resulting in my selection as the recipient of this distinguished accolade. Being chosen as the Community Builder Award holder stands as a humbling affirmation of the positive impact I've been able to make within this dynamic ecosystem.

The award underscores the significance of fostering meaningful connections, engaging in insightful dialogues, and nurturing an environment where ideas flourish. Through my dedication to facilitating growth, encouraging participation, and nurturing an inclusive atmosphere, I have strived to elevate the CELO community's ethos of collaboration and shared vision.

Receiving this award has invigorated my commitment to the blockchain industry and its potential to shape the future. It serves as a reminder that the power of community lies at the heart of every successful endeavor. I am deeply grateful to the CELO community for their recognition and trust, and I eagerly look forward to continuing my journey as a dedicated community builder within the blockchain space.

This honor serves as a reminder that the tireless efforts invested in community building yield not only personal fulfillment but also contribute to the advancement of a decentralized and interconnected future.

Watch the announcement below.

Click here to watch the whole Kuneco meeting on Youtube.

Posting about being excited about winning the award.

Halofi (Prev. Goodghosting) Community Event Champion Award

In April 2023, a digital symphony of minds united in the Halofi Community Event, and I emerged as the event's Champion. This recognition isn't just about winning a contest; it's a tribute to my fervor for community-building.

As a community manager, my passion is crafting spaces where voices resonate and connections thrive. The Halofi accolade resonates with my mission—to foster unity, spark collaborations, and curate conversations that leave lasting imprints.

Beyond pixels and screens, this award symbolizes dedication to the art of weaving narratives and amplifying voices. It's a reminder of the impact we make when we nurture digital ecosystems, kindling sparks of connection and camaraderie.

So, here's to the Halofi Champion Award—a testament to the vibrant world of community managers, where passion ignites and communities flourish. As I continue to curate, engage, and uplift, I'm fueled by the electric energy of these digital havens, where passions intertwine and connections flourish.

IntoTheVerse congratulates me on being the new Event Champion on Halofi (Previously Goodghosting from April 2023 till date (as of August 2023).

Nansen's 'Polar Trainee' Role

In September, I took a proactive role in the Nansen's discord community, devoting my time and expertise to supporting members with their requests and providing provide valuable support. Working closely with Nansen's support team and other dedicated volunteers, I actively participate in answering questions and promoting a positive community environment.
As a testament to my commitment and contributions, the community recognized my efforts, earning me the prestigious role of “Polar Trainee.” This recognition is the highlight of my journey, having held positions such as "Star" and successfully achieved the "Polar BaseCamp" role. My dedication to community engagement is demonstrated through the impressive milestone of over 1,000 messages sent, demonstrating my commitment to the development and well-being of the community.


The “Polar Intern” role not only symbolizes recognition but also signifies a deeper level of trust and responsibility within the vibrant Nansen community.

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Here is what our co-founder at Flywallet thinks about me. 

Posting to wish some amazing Web3 women the best.

Here are some compiled screenshots of what my community members said about my service.

Alex the Co-founder of Ariexchange appreciates my efforts in the CELO ecosystem.

Educating artists about travel in an NFT Worshop.

Here is what our Co-founder at IntoTheVerse has to say about my engagement capability.

CELO's Co-founder congratulated me on winning the CELO Community's Builder Award.

Posting to wish awesome Web3 men the best.

One of our team members at IntoTheVerse complimented my quizzing talent.

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