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Work Experiences

DIVA Protocol
July 2022 - Date


Sep 2022 - May 2023


April 2022 - July 2023

Africa Blockchain University 

June - July 2022

Community Manager

  • Contributed to doubling the community size from 12,000+ to 28,000+ members through strategic engagement and content initiatives.

  • Successfully introduced, planned, and moderated numerous Discord AMAs, resulting in recorded sessions with thousands of views on the new YouTube channel.

  • Advised uploads for YouTube, enhancing community engagement and knowledge-sharing.

  • Designed, executed, and moderated engaging quizzes and competitions, fostering active participation and community interaction.

  • Suggested and implemented creative ideas to enhance user experience, contributing to increased engagement.

  • Organized server structure, introduced vital bots, built a customized price bot for the $DIVA token and improved server functionalities to optimize user experience and accessibility.

  • Produced hundreds of Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) NFTs, distributed to eligible community members as rewards for participation and engagement.

  • Expertly addressed user issues and provided guidance on wallet addresses for rewards, multi-account reports, and account verification processes.

  • Guided thousands of members by completing test net tasks on the DIVA App using Ropsten and Goerli networks, ensuring smooth user onboarding.

  • Actively engaged and nurtured the community on Discord and occasionally on X, providing valuable insights and fostering a positive environment.

  • Educated users on how to effectively use the DIVA App and DIVA ViZ App, contributing to user adoption and satisfaction.

Community Manager

  • Moderated and nurtured the community, employing effective strategies to drive growth from less than 200 members to over 2000 members.

  • Co-organized impactful AMA sessions that facilitated direct interactions between the project team and the community, fostering transparency and engagement.

  • Collaborated closely with the marketing team to conceptualize and execute community-centric events, enhancing the sense of belonging and participation.

  • Pioneered the creation of weekly Web3 and crypto-themed quiz questions, maintaining an up-to-date leaderboard and ensuring winners were duly rewarded.

  • Introduced an innovative invite competition that significantly contributed to the remarkable expansion of the Discord channel and overall community.

  • Actively engaged in X spaces to amplify the project's reach, seizing opportunities to discuss the project's vision and benefits with both my personal account and occasionally on the official account.

  • Crafted compelling daily gaming facts and engaging project-related content, fostering continuous community interest and participation.

  • Designed captivating weekend messages that reinforced community bonds and provided insightful updates.

  • Led community engagement efforts on both Discord and Telegram platforms, facilitating discussions, addressing queries, and maintaining a vibrant atmosphere.

  • Elevated project visibility by disseminating project information and updates on X, contributing to increased awareness and engagement.

  • Demonstrated commitment to the broader Web3 ecosystem by actively participating in various Web3 events, consistently advocating for the GamiFi + Metaverse project.

Africa Ambassador

  • Spearheaded NFT Workshops: Educated artists about the potential of Web3, the nomadic lifestyle, and Flywallet's unique offerings through impactful NFT workshops across multiple African countries, including Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Nigeria. Educated artists

  • Strategic Partnerships and AMAs: Forged strategic partnerships that elevated Flywallet's credibility. Hosted AMA sessions and community events, fostering engagement and knowledge-sharing to boost the project's visibility.

  • Educational Telegram Community: Pioneered a thriving Telegram community exclusively for Flywallet users. Curated discussions, information-sharing, and engagement among members to facilitate a vibrant ecosystem.

  • Prominent Event Representation: Acted as a proud representative of Flywallet at prominent blockchain events like BCAT and Blockchain Vibes. Leveraged these platforms to network, share insights, and engage with industry influencers.

  • Engaging Content Creation: Skillfully crafted compelling content, including daily travel tips, motivational posts, weekend messages, and more. Shared valuable insights on Telegram and X, enhancing the travel experiences of our audience.

  • Real-life Advocacy: Translated virtual advocacy into real-world impact. Actively participated in physical events, spreading awareness about Flywallet's vision and solutions.

  • Personal Journey Documentation: Showcased the effectiveness of Flywallet's platform by documenting my own relocation journey to a new country using the recommended saving strategy. Demonstrated the practicality of the solution to resonate with the community.

  • My role as the Africa Ambassador at Flywallet has been a transformative experience, marked by dynamic collaboration, learning, and impactful engagements. Through extensive community outreach and strategic initiatives, I have contributed significantly to Flywallet's growth, visibility, and mission to revolutionize travel within Africa and beyond.

Social Media Manager & NFT Project Manager

  • Nurturing NFT Artists Community: Orchestrated the establishment of a cohesive community of NFT artists across various countries. Efficiently managed WhatsApp groups, fostering an environment for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and opportunities.

  • Curator of Insights: Regularly shared daily NFT news, updates, and valuable information with the NFT artists community via WhatsApp groups and an official Telegram channel. Ensured artists remained well-informed about the dynamic NFT landscape.

  • Engaging X Presence: Actively managed and engaged with the Network of Africa's NFT Artists X account and NFT Africa Festival's X account. Designed and executed impactful strategies to amplify the presence of both accounts within the NFT space.

  • Thought Leadership Spaces: Organized and hosted X Spaces sessions, curating enriching discussions on NFTs and the African creative ecosystem. Demonstrated expertise by sharing insights, moderating discussions, and fostering engagement.

  • Short-Lived Success: Achieved noteworthy milestones within a month of tenure, including the formation of a robust artist community, active social media engagement, and thought leadership initiatives. Regrettably, project engagement ceased due to contractual breaches.

  • In my capacity as the Social Media Manager & NFT Project Manager at Africa Blockchain University, I facilitated the creation of a vibrant NFT artists community, fostered informative NFT communications, and contributed significantly to enhancing the presence of NFT initiatives across various digital platforms. My brief but impactful tenure showcased my dedication to creating value-driven connections within the NFT landscape.

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