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This section contains videos, pictures, and posts from Physical Events, X Spaces/AMAs, Discord AMAs, and Telegram AMAs. You can also check out projects that I have written for, and Extras. Feel free to click any of these sections to navigate faster.

Physical Events

I've had the privilege and the valuable opportunity to participate in both offline and online events. This consistent engagement has significantly enriched my experiences, thereby elevating me to a level of expertise in the realms of Web3, cryptocurrencies, and community dynamics. This section highlights some of those moments.

EthAccra Hackathon, Accra Ghana (September 2023).

This was the EthAccra Hackathon event that was held at the University of Accra, Legon from the 7th to the 9th of September. I met with four other participants on the first day of the hackathon and we formed a team. It was a new experience for all of us, so we had a setback as none of us ever participated in a hackathon, however, we came up with a project idea and I was selected as the team lead. The aim of the project is to utilize cutting-edge technology specifically Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) within the context of Web3 tools to solve and secure sharing of patient information among healthcare providers. 

We started from scratch, wrote lines of code, and deployed our project on GitHub and Goerli. The good news is that even though we didn't win any bounty, some of the judges told us they loved our ideas, we just needed to put in more work. Personally, this gave me more knowledge, and I have more insight into planning on hackathon for our developer community!

Check more on this event on my LinkedIn.

Zero To DApp Day, Accra Ghana (September 2023).

This was the Zero To DApp Day event that was held in Accra Ghana on the 6th of September. I was able to learn a lot and even create and verify my first smart contract. I got exposed to smart contract development as we had Simon Emanuel Schmid from the Graph, Tyrese Tetteh from Chainlink, David Disu from Remix, and Ronan Sandford from Etherplay explain, guide, and direct us to create and verify our first smart contract on the blockchain (Goerli Testnet specifically). It was an eye-opener for me, and it gave me more insight into addressing similar issues in my communities. 

Check more on this event on my LinkedIn.

Accra Tech Brunch, Accra Ghana (August 2023).

This was the Accra Tech Brunch event that was held at the Mest Africa physical location, in Accra Ghana on the 25th of August. It was an amazing event where I met innovative and creative people. At the beginning of the event, the audience was thrilled when they heard my community name 'Focused Pilot', I had to give them a background about the name and they loved it. I was able to learn from Kirigwajjo Anatoli, and Nonso Onwuzulike who recently fundraised $4 Million for his company was able to educate me more on project adoption and fundraising which has been an amazing lesson for me so far! Also, five groups competed in a tech challenge, I was selected as the group leader for my team, and we won! It has been one of my best events in Accra so far!

Check more on this event on my LinkedIn.

Binance Meetup, Accra Ghana (June 2023).

This was the Binance Meetup event that was held in  Accra Ghana on the 3rd of June. I was able to learn from and connect with amazing minds. The hosts took us through spot and P2P trading, and how to stay risk-free while interacting with the P2P section of the app. I was able to share my experiences, including how I was almost scammed $1000 in 2021 on the Binance P2P app, and many people learned from my talk and were glad I wasn't totally scammed. The host faced some technical issues while trying to show the Binance app demonstration to attendees, and I was able to share my idea and help solve the issue. It was fun because the host playfully told everyone to send some coins to my wallet address for solving the issue, hehe. I connected with some amazing people, and I had a great time.

Bitcoin Pizza Day, Accra Ghana (May 2023).

This was the Crypto Bootcamp Community (CBC) community's Bitcoin Pizza Day event that was held in Accra Ghana on the 22nd of May, 2023. I was opportune to co-host the event alongside the CBC country lead. We had pre-event preparations, and on this day, I got the venue arranged in a very unique way. I anchored many sections of this event, and we had time to share our experiences, play interesting blockchain games, and feast on Pizza! We went overboard with time, and even after an unplanned hour into the night, the attendees didn't want to leave. The event was quite amazing!

NFT Workshop for African Artists, Lagos Nigeria (May 2022).

This was the NFT Workshop for African Artists event that was held in Lagos Nigeria on the 28th of May 2022. I was able to meet with, share ideas, and educate top African artists about the importance of travel to them, and the connection to Web3. It was quite interesting, answered every question professionally, distributed our branded cap, and had a great time with the audience.

Blockchain Vibes, Lagos Nigeria (July 2022).

Click here to watch the whole panel session on Youtube.

This was Blockchain Vibes that was held in Lagos on the 9th of July 2022. When it was time for questions, I definitely wanted to know their opinion about building the community in this bear season, as that is one of my passion, to help support projects and foster adoption towards the next bull season. The session was moderated by Grey Jabesi, and Alex Meurer answered my question. Other members of the panel included Davinci Jeremie (the man who bought Bitcoin at $1), Kwame A. A Opoku, and Carl Runefelt. After the session, I got more convinced to continue to build.

MARA, Enugu Nigeria (July 2022).

MARA Enugu
MARA Enugu

This was MARA event that was held in Enugu on the 16th of July 2022. It was one of the many events I attended to learn more about Web3, and then spread the word about brands I represent.

Binance BCAT Africa, Enugu Nigeria (June 2022).

Click here to watch the whole panel session on Youtube.

This was Binance BCAT (Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Awareness Tour) Africa that was held in Enugu on the 4th of June 2022. I was curious to know how cryptocurrency traders manga their emotions when it comes to trading. The session was moderated by Bobby Anyadike, and my question was answered by Tola Fadugbagbe. Other panel members included Emmanuel Babalola and Investor Nnkay. I was able to understand a little more about better how traders deal with their emotions after my question was answered.

Blockchain UNN Demystifying Blockchain Conference, Enugu Nigeria (June 2022).

The conference was held on the 5th of March 2022 at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. It was really an amazing event and I learned a lot. It was through this event I got to know the CELO ecosystem, which would later lead to my role at Flywallet. The first picture shows when I was answering a question asked by a speaker, and also sharing some knowledge with the audience. The second picture captures the moment when I got a question right and was rewarded with branded merch by Octopus Network. 

Coordinating other crypto enthusiasts on a 24-hour cumulative journey to Binance BCAT.

Giving a recap of the crypto awareness event.

Giving a recap of the NFT workshop I spoke at in Lagos, Nigeria.

A short clip with the Crypto Bootcamp Community (CBC) country lead for Ghana on Bitcoin Pizza Day (May 22, 2023).

X Spaces

X (Previously Twitter) Spaces has emerged as an effective conduit for engaging with audiences, disseminating knowledge, fostering discussions about projects, and connecting with the public. Presented below are select screenshots showcasing a collection of the Spaces I've actively co-hosted, contributed to through speaking engagements, or had a presence in.

Discord AMAs

Within the realm of Discord AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions), an avenue emerges to foster direct engagement, share insights, explore project intricacies, and connect with the community at large. Enclosed herein are a few selected screenshots of Discord AMAs. My role extends to co-hosting, sharing perspectives via speaking engagements, moderating and answering questions, and actively participating in these sessions, fostering an enriching dialogue and engagement experience.

Telegram AMAs

Telegram AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions) have proven to be instrumental in establishing direct connections with audiences, imparting knowledge, addressing queries about projects, and establishing a public presence. Presented below are a few snapshots encapsulating a series of Telegram AMAs where I have hosted, and contributed insights through speaking engagements.


Project Showcase

With the intention of enhancing the comprehension of project missions and expanding their outreach, I undertook an in-depth analysis of noteworthy initiatives. Over the course of 12 weeks, I dedicated each week to meticulously studying and subsequently authoring an informative X thread on 12 distinct projects. My commitment to this endeavor was purely altruistic, with no expectations of reciprocation. Below, you will find a compilation of the projects in question, along with a corresponding link to the comprehensive thread.



Receiving a package I won in one of CELO's online events.

Sending love to CELO fams at #CoOperate2023.

Grabbing Some Pizza - BTC Pizza Day

Grabbing some Pizza for myself because why not?

Co-founder Mowblox X Focused Pilot

A selfie with Mowblox's Co-founder on Bitcoin Pizza Day.

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