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CELO Community Builder's Award

In July 2022, I had the distinct honor of being awarded the esteemed CELO Community Builder Award in Paris, a recognition that holds immense significance in my journey as a passionate advocate for blockchain and cryptocurrency communities.

This prestigious award is a testament to the collaborative spirit and unwavering dedication of the CELO community members. Their trust and support led to a community-wide vote, resulting in my selection as the recipient of this distinguished accolade. Being chosen as the Community Builder Award holder stands as a humbling affirmation of the positive impact I've been able to make within this dynamic ecosystem.

The award underscores the significance of fostering meaningful connections, engaging in insightful dialogues, and nurturing an environment where ideas flourish. Through my dedication to facilitating growth, encouraging participation, and nurturing an inclusive atmosphere, I have strived to elevate the CELO community's ethos of collaboration and shared vision.

Receiving this award has invigorated my commitment to the blockchain industry and its potential to shape the future. It serves as a reminder that the power of community lies at the heart of every successful endeavor. I am deeply grateful to the CELO community for their recognition and trust, and I eagerly look forward to continuing my journey as a dedicated community builder within the blockchain space.

This honor serves as a reminder that the tireless efforts invested in community building yield not only personal fulfillment but also contribute to the advancement of a decentralized and interconnected future.

Watch the announcement below.

Click here to watch the whole Kuneco meeting on Youtube.

Halofi (Prev. Goodghosting) Community Event Champion Award

In April 2023, a digital symphony of minds united in the Halofi Community Event, and I emerged as the event's Champion. This recognition isn't just about winning a contest; it's a tribute to my fervor for community-building.

As a community manager, my passion is crafting spaces where voices resonate and connections thrive. The Halofi accolade resonates with my mission—to foster unity, spark collaborations, and curate conversations that leave lasting imprints.

Beyond pixels and screens, this award symbolizes dedication to the art of weaving narratives and amplifying voices. It's a reminder of the impact we make when we nurture digital ecosystems, kindling sparks of connection and camaraderie.

So, here's to the Halofi Champion Award—a testament to the vibrant world of community managers, where passion ignites and communities flourish. As I continue to curate, engage, and uplift, I'm fueled by the electric energy of these digital havens, where passions intertwine and connections flourish.

IntoTheVerse congratulates me on being the new Event Champion on Halofi (Previously Goodghosting from April 2023 till date (as of August 2023).

Nansen's 'Polar Trainee' Role

In September, I took a proactive role in the Nansen's discord community, devoting my time and expertise to supporting members with their requests and providing provide valuable support. Working closely with Nansen's support team and other dedicated volunteers, I actively participate in answering questions and promoting a positive community environment.
As a testament to my commitment and contributions, the community recognized my efforts, earning me the prestigious role of “Polar Trainee.” This recognition is the highlight of my journey, having held positions such as "Star" and successfully achieved the "Polar BaseCamp" role. My dedication to community engagement is demonstrated through the impressive milestone of over 1,000 messages sent, demonstrating my commitment to the development and well-being of the community.


The “Polar Intern” role not only symbolizes recognition but also signifies a deeper level of trust and responsibility within the vibrant Nansen community.

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