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Meet The Co-founders

Throughout my journey in the world of Web3 projects, I've had the incredible privilege of collaborating with visionary co-founders who have not only been instrumental in shaping the projects but have also played a pivotal role in my personal and professional growth.

This section is dedicated to appreciating them.

1. Wladimir Weinbender, co-founder of DIVA Protocol.


Wladimir, a quantitative analyst, portfolio manager, and risk manager truly embodies the spirit of innovation and determination. His unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of the protocol has been a constant source of inspiration.


Under his guidance, I've witnessed the transformation of DIVA Protocol into a dynamic community-driven platform, and his mentorship has been instrumental in my own evolution. 

I totally enjoy working with him, and it's been amazing building DIVA Protocol with him. He lives in Switzerland.

He is also the co-founder of Crypto Etch, Small Seeds, and 888 Whales. Check out DIVA Protocol's other co-founder Sascha Arican.

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2. Thomas Negrit, co-founder of Flywallet.

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Thomas is a trailblazer in the crypto space. His passion for creating accessible solutions for the masses has been truly transformative. As an aspiring pilot, I was so excited about Flywallet, and he gave me an opportunity to work on an amazing project alongside great team members across the globe.


Working alongside Thomas, I've gained insights into the intricacies of crypto adoption and his strategic thinking has propelled Flywallet to new heights. His support and encouragement have been pivotal in my journey with the project.

He is also a core CELO ecosystem founder and lives in Paris. Check out Flywallet's other co-founder Alejandra Fernandez.

3. Elio Lopez, co-founder of IntoTheVerse.

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Elio personifies the spirit of hard work. His dedication to fostering engagement and connections within the community has left an indelible mark on me. Elio's relentless commitment to building an inclusive and vibrant ecosystem has allowed me to witness firsthand the power of collaboration and innovation with the IntoTheVerse community.


Elio was dedicated to helping me achieve my goals with IntoTheVerse, spending more time to assisting me with the community. He helped me grow professionally, as well as personally.

He is a strong builder and it was very great working with him. He lives in India. Check out IntoTheVerse's other co-founder Ramesh Sachan.

These co-founders have not only guided their projects with vision but have also taken the time to support and mentor me throughout my time working with them. Their passion, dedication, and unyielding support have not only enabled the success of the projects but have also contributed immeasurably to my own growth. It's an honor to have worked alongside such visionary leaders, and I look forward to continuing to learn and create under their guidance.

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