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About Africa Blockchain University

Africa Blockchain University

Africa Blockchain University is a Non-Profit Institution dedicated to promoting Blockchain technologies in Africa via Policy Advocacy, Training, Research, and Business Incubation.

My role at Africa Blockchain University

During my tenure at Africa Blockchain University, where I assumed the roles of Social Media Manager and NFT Project Manager in June 2022, I undertook a diverse array of responsibilities that underscored my commitment to fostering community engagement, facilitating cross-border collaboration, and curating valuable content within the NFT landscape.

A significant aspect of my role revolved around facilitating a cohesive network among artists across different countries. Through WhatsApp groups, I meticulously moderated discussions, providing guidance, and nurturing an environment conducive to artistic exchange. These efforts culminated in the establishment of the Network of Africa's NFT Artists, a collective that brought together creative minds from diverse backgrounds onto a unified platform.

Within this network, I played a pivotal role in fostering knowledge sharing and growth. I adeptly responded to artists' inquiries, ensuring that their questions were addressed comprehensively. To keep the community informed and attuned to opportunities, I shared daily updates and news concerning NFTs, creating a rich information-sharing ecosystem that empowered artists to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape.

In addition to WhatsApp, I extended my moderating and informative efforts to Telegram, where I facilitated discussions and channeled relevant content to the community. This multi-platform approach ensured that artists from more than five countries in Africa were consistently engaged and well-informed.

Harnessing the power of social media, I skillfully managed both the Network of Africa's NFT Artists' X account and the NFT Africa Festival's X account. Through strategic engagement, I fostered interactions with accounts that shared mutual interests, amplifying the projects' visibility and expanding their digital footprint. By curating content that resonated with the NFT community, I cultivated an online presence that mirrored the vibrancy of the artists I represented.

Central to my role was the orchestration of spaces on X. Hosting these interactive sessions allowed me to engage the NFT community directly, discussing pertinent topics, curating engaging discussions, and offering insights that enriched participants' understanding of the NFT landscape. My role extended beyond curation to active participation, contributing to the richness of these digital dialogues.

I am proud to have achieved these milestones within the span of a single month. However, unforeseen circumstances compelled me to quit the project. Despite my departure, I remain proud of the community-building efforts I led and the connections I facilitated. My journey at Africa Blockchain University may have been brief, but the impact we collectively achieved speaks volumes about the potential of collaborative efforts within the NFT space.

I added some pictures as a backup to my work at Africa Blockchain University.

You can find more event details on Physical Events, X AMAs, Discord AMAs, and Telegram AMAs.

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