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About Flywallet

Flywallet is a travel budgeting platform with an integrated booking system for flights. We help you manage your money the smart way so you can afford to travel the world as often as you like.

We provide the most affordable and sustainable way to travel. With Flywallet, you can save now and pay later for trips and also offset CO2 every time you fly!

My Role at Flywallet

I joined Flywallet in April of 2022 as the Africa Ambassador. The main goal of this role was to spread the word about Flywallet to countries and communities located in Africa.

Within the first month of assuming, I held a session as a speaker in Cameroon at an NFT workshop to educate the African artists about the importance of traveling, the life of a Web3 nomad, and how they can utilize the opportunity presented to them by Flywallet.

We also gave some use cases to the NFT that will be built, by giving discounts off flights booked with Flywallet to the first purchasers of the NFTs.


Within the next few weeks, I educated more than 200 people through the NFT workshop held in more countries like Sierra Leone, Ghana, and a physical event in Nigeria.

I also created a telegram community for the users and for engagement also. Over the next couple of months, I was able to partner and host different guests on AMAs and conduct some community-rewarding activities, while also designing and uploading daily traveling tips for my community.

I was able to the project myself in the face of people by always getting an opportunity to speak at major blockchain events, including
BCAT and Blockchain Vibes where I got to have an interaction with Davinci Jeremie, the man popular for buying bitcoin at $1.

I also interviewed different people like Emmanuel, Blessing, and others on where their dream destination is and why, while telling them how they can make their dream possible with Flywallet. I was also able to relocate to a new country through the idea of saving towards your flight as I had learned from Flywallet, and I documented my whole flight experience also. 

As part of my responsibilities at Flywallet, I curated a diverse range of content for our community. This included the design and dissemination of daily travel tips, motivational posts to kickstart the week, engaging weekend messages, captivating travel ideas, essential safety tips, recommended destinations, and intriguing fun facts. These efforts were primarily directed toward our Telegram channel, and occasionally extended to X, where our goal was to offer our audience valuable insights, inspirations, and knowledge pertinent to their travel experiences.

Overall, it was an amazing experience for me to work with a team of different people from all over the world, to make the vision of the project come true, and also to reach out and network with different people. I have also attached some picture feeds including other events.

Precious Elisha (Focused Pilot)
Blockchain Vibes Lagos 2022
Flywallet's Team
NFT Workshop Lagos 2022

Lecturing workshop attenders about our project.

Picture with some workshop attendees of the in Lagos.

Blockchain Vibes 2022

Quick selfie with Speakers at Blockchain vibes event.

Ask-Me-Anything session on our Telegram.

Flywallet's AMA

Ask-Me-Anything session hosted by CELO NIGERIA.

Binance BCAT Africa Enugu 2022

Getting more knowledge from speakers at BCAT.

Flywallet's X Space

Speaking on one of our X Spaces.

Speaking on one of our Telegram AMAs.

Flywallet's X Space

Speaking on one of our X Spaces.

Flywallet's Telegram
Flywallet's Telegram

Very few screenshots of my daily contents on our Telegram Channel at Flywallet.

You can find more event details on Physical Events, X AMAs, Discord AMAs, and Telegram AMAs.

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