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About IntoTheVerse


IntoTheVerse is an NFT utility-driven game-fi metaverse that is based in two worlds, the real world and the unreal world. The real world is a pixel replication of the cities we live in, reimagining the possibilities where people owning avatars can own virtual lands, visit museums, schools, and banks, travel, and engage in recreational activities, powered by DeFi, ReFi, and NFTs.


The unreal world lies in the dark dungeons infested with demons and otherworldly creatures and filled with ancient secrets and treasure, where avatars transform into warriors and encounter the enemies to fight for loot, forge, level-up, and upgrade in a compelling MMORPG adventure!

My role at IntoTheVerse

Joining IntoTheVerse as the community manager in September 2022 to help the community grow proved to be an amazing decision totally. During my tenure as a Community Manager at IntoTheVerse, I had the privilege of spearheading various initiatives that contributed significantly to the growth and vibrancy of the community. My multifaceted responsibilities encompassed a spectrum of community engagement strategies, innovative event planning, and dynamic content creation.

A pivotal aspect of my role revolved around community moderation and growth. I orchestrated strategies that propelled the community from its early stage, comprising less than 200 members, to an ecosystem with over 2000 members and counting. This remarkable surge was achieved through a combination of targeted engagement tactics, strategic outreach, and fostering an environment conducive to meaningful interactions.

I played an integral role in organizing Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. These sessions facilitated open and transparent dialogues, where community members could directly engage with project representatives, leading to enhanced understanding and knowledge-sharing.

Collaborating closely with the marketing team, I was instrumental in conceptualizing and executing community events that resonated with our audience. These events not only showcased the project's innovation but also fostered a sense of unity among community members.

A highlight of my contributions was the establishment of a weekly tradition: the "IntoTheVerse Quiz Series." This engaging activity not only tested the community's knowledge but also provided a platform for dynamic interactions centered around the project's domain. Maintaining a live leaderboard, updating it weekly, and ensuring the seamless distribution of rewards to winners showcased my dedication to creating engaging and well-structured community events.

Introducing the "Invite Competition" marked a turning point in our community's growth trajectory. This ingenious initiative harnessed the power of our existing members to drive new user engagement, leading to a substantial influx of new participants. The success of this competition contributed significantly to the rapid expansion of our Discord channel.

In addition to community engagement, I effectively utilized social media platforms to amplify the project's visibility. I adeptly navigated Twitter Spaces, engaging in conversations about the project with both my personal account and, on occasion, the official project account. This interactive approach not only enhanced our reach but also fostered genuine connections with potential community members.

My role extended beyond spoken engagement to the realm of content creation. I designed and disseminated daily captivating gaming facts, captivating details about the project, and weekend messages that resonated with our audience's interests.

Furthermore, my commitment to the project extended to the broader Web3 ecosystem. I diligently spread awareness about the project on X, highlighting its unique value proposition. Attending various Web3 events provided me with platforms to passionately discuss the innovative GamiFi + Metaverse project, igniting curiosity and interest among attendees.

In essence, my experience as a Community Manager at IntoTheVerse has been characterized by a harmonious blend of community growth, engaging events, strategic content creation, and impactful advocacy. From overseeing dynamic quiz sessions to engaging the community and amplifying the project's presence at Web3 events, my efforts were aimed at fostering a community deeply connected to the project's vision and goals.

IntoTheVerse Team - Focused Pilot
IntoTheVerse Team - Focused Pilot
IntoTheVerse Team
IntoTheVerse's Discord
IntoTheVerse's Discord

A few screenshots of community and members who complimented my efforts in conducting amazing Web3 quizzes.

IntoTheVerse complimented my thread about the project on X.

A few screenshots of community and members who complimented my efforts in conducting amazing Web3 quizzes.

IntoTheVerse's X Space

Co-hosting IntoTheVerse X Networking Session.

IntoTheVerse's Discord

The moment we crossed 200 members on Discord.

IntoTheVerse's Discord

Annoucing a new partnership with Lunatic Games

IntoTheVerse's X Space

An AMA I initiated between IntoTheVerse and CELO NIGERIA.

Announcement for an AMA.

Announcing our first discord quiz series at IntoTheVerse.

A post with one of my designs on IntoTheVerse fun facts.

Announcing the Invite competition on our discord.

Updating the community about our projects.

A few screenshot compilation of the contents I posted on IntoTheVerse X and Discord.

You can find more event details on Physical Events, X AMAs, Discord AMAs, and Telegram AMAs.

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