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About Nansen


Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that provides insights and data analysis for various blockchain networks, with a primary focus on Ethereum. The platform is designed to help users gain a deeper understanding of on-chain data, token movements, and market trends.

My Role at Nansen

Nansen Volunteer.png

In September, I took on the role of Volunteer Discord Community Moderator for Nansen, dedicating my time and expertise to actively engage with the community, address inquiries, and foster a positive environment.

Collaborating closely with Nansen's support team and other dedicated volunteers, I played a proactive role in community building.

My efforts didn't go unnoticed, and the community's acknowledgment led to the honor of the prestigious 'Polar Trainee' role. This recognition marked the culmination of my journey, progressing from roles like 'Star' and successfully graduating from the 'Polar Basecamp' position.

As a Volunteer Discord Community Moderator, my commitment to community engagement was evident in surpassing a notable milestone of over 1000 messages sent. This achievement not only underscores my dedication to the community's growth and well-being but also plays a pivotal role in earning the 'Polar Trainee' role.

More than just a symbol of recognition, the 'Polar Trainee' role represents an elevated level of trust and responsibility within the dynamic and vibrant Nansen community. I have attached few picture feeds from the community.

Screenshots of some of my engagement and moderation in the Nansen Discord community.

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