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About HaloFi


HaloFi is a DeFi platform that helps you grow wealth with crypto and makes saving and investing easy, fun, and rewarding.

HaloFi Save is a digital savings platform that enables users to earn interest on their digital USD stablecoins.

My Role at HaloFi


In October 2023, I joined HaloFi as the User Experience Lead, undertaking a one-month freelance contract. My primary focus was on optimizing the feedback process for participants. I played a pivotal role in orchestrating a seamless experience, from scheduling calls to guiding users through essential steps, fostering a continuous and insightful feedback loop.

Efficiency was paramount in my approach. I implemented recording setups that ensured comprehensive documentation of user interactions during feedback sessions. Proactively preparing wallets with nominal amounts of CELO and cUSD streamlined the user experience, especially for participants without existing wallets.

Crafting engaging introductions marked the beginning of each session, expressing gratitude to participants and setting the stage for open and valuable feedback. Assessing participants' wallet setups, and providing assistance where needed, became a standard practice to ensure active participation for everyone involved.

Collaborating with participants on goal definition was a key aspect, focusing on the clarity and meaningfulness of platform goals to cultivate a goal-oriented user experience. Additionally, guiding participants through depositing and withdrawing processes allowed me to evaluate user proficiency and suggest nominal CELO amounts if required.

Throughout this experience with HaloFi, I honed my skills in user interaction, feedback collection, and the intricacies of creating a user-centric approach within the blockchain and financial technology space. Looking ahead, I am eager to apply these insights and expertise to future endeavors, contributing to the creation of exceptional user experiences.

I attached few pictures gathered in course of working at HaloFi.

HaloFi Team.png

My first meeting with the amazing HaloFi team.

UX Testing

Conducting a User Interface and Experience testing and getting feedback from one of the participants.

Engaging the Early Adopter's community on Telegram, engaging the Discord community, and helping to solve technical issues for one of the users having issues with withdrawing their fund.

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